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  1. Do you find yourself overwhelmed with thoughts of self-sabotage? Thinking you're not enough or don't have enough?

  2. Do you ever wish you'd reacted a different way to a person or situation?

  3. Do you ever wonder why certain people/situations trigger certain emotions, reactions, or even a relapse? 

  4. Do you find yourself engaging in unwanted, secret, addictive behaviors (i.e. drinking, abuse, gambling, porn, sex...) that are hard to break free of?



Stressed Woman

Stressed Woman



  1. Tired of giving your all and compromising your beliefs/values for the wrong people, situations?

  2. Are you tired of being stagnant, going in circles and feeling defeated?

  3. Do you want different, but not sure how to get there?

  4. Are you unsure of your purpose, or what's even next for you?

If You answered 'Yes

to any of the questions above

You've come to the right place!

Don't feel bad if you answered 'yes' to one or more questions above! I PROMISE you are NOT alone.

In fact, there was a time (not too long ago for some) when if asked the same questions, my response would've been 'Yes' as well.

HELLO! I'm Kocysha LaShaun. As the 'Purpose Accelerator', I had to go through my own acceleration process in order to help you Be Accelerated into Purpose - A process that began with a mindset shift and change in perspectives. As long as I stayed in the place of self-defeat, self-pity, guilt and shame, I remained in a pit of relapse, stagnant and unfulfilled. Knowing what that journey felt like, my assignment now is to walk with others on a similar journey.


As a Spiritual Mindset Coach and Teacher of Personal/Spiritual Growth and Development, my mission is to help both men and women (1) RECLAIM their God-identity, (2) REGAIN proper footing/positioning for their next, and (3) MOVE FORWARD with humility, power, and bold confidence.

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I sought Kocysha's help... regaining my confidence level, which involved speaking, and how to conquer my fear of what others thought. Anxiety was another issue that I had dealing with family members along with family finances.

My expectation from this coaching was that I would have another outlook on my confidence and anxiety level from another perspective. I also wanted to see where some of the root causes of my dilemma were coming from and ways to overcome them.

Kocysha went above and beyond; she showed and taught me things that I can do to get through those problems. I am now speaking at church on some occasions, and hosting a prayer group every month. I am no longer looking at my bank account daily, and now able to conquer my anxiety and fears through some of the techniques she shared with me.

I would recommend Kocysha highly as a Coach, because she is amazing, very positive, encouraging and patient with you. You will not feel rushed or pushed into something that you do not want to do. She takes her time and always ask you if you are sure about the decision you have made.

Coaching Approach: In order to help Sharifa become more confident in her speaking, we discussed the thoughts/beliefs behind her fear and how to overcome those fears through affirmations and spiritual guidance. Practical applications (growth assignments) included three rounds of practice recordings with varying outlines (in-depth paragraphs to keywords) around a topic she'd been considering. 

Sharifa Stirgus

Kocysha LaShaun is motivating and inspiring! Her class on becoming an author has ignited a fire within me to write my first book. The class was very detailed and she made so simple that anyone could follow the plan to becoming an author! If you have a desire to write, I encourage you to sign up for one of her classes. ~T.E.~ 2019 Writers' Workshop

Great workshop & yes this was well worth the drive from Fayetteville!! I am glad our paths crossed and I took away lots of good information from the workshop. I thought it was very well organized and structured! Thanks 🙏🏽

~K.S.~ 2020 Writers' Workshop

“I met with Ms. Kocysha and she was very helpful and knowledgeable. She offered various resources.”

~B.S.~ Writing Coach Consult

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