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Stressed Woman

Stressed Woman



  1. Do you find yourself overwhelmed with thoughts of self-sabotage? Thinking you're not enough or don't have enough?

  2. Do you ever wish you could take something back that you said?

  3. Do you ever wish you'd reacted a different way to a person or situation?

  4. Do you ever wonder why certain people/situations trigger certain emotions or reactions? 

  5. Are you tired of being stagnant, going in circles and feeling defeated?

  6. Do you want different, but not sure how to get there?

  7. Tired of giving your all and compromising your beliefs/values for the wrong people, situations?

  8. Are you unsure of your purpose, or what's even next for you?

If You answered 'Yes

to any of the questions above

You've come to the right place!

Kocysha LaShaun is all too familiar with the battle of self-sabotaging, reacting versus responding, compromising beliefs, and feeling stagnant in purpose. But she's also familiar with putting in the work to step outside of comfort zones in order to overcome these issues.


She's not the 'Purpose Accelerator' for nothing. She fully understands that being accelerated into purpose requires work, a willingness and strong desire for change, but more than anything it requires a shift in one's mindset and perspective. 


As a Mindset Coach and Teacher of Personal/Spiritual Growth and Development, Kocysha seeks to help both men and women (1) RECLAIM their God-identity, (2) REGAIN proper footing/positioning for their next, and (3) MOVE FORWARD with humility, power, and bold confidence.

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Stressed Woman