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Writing has been a part of my life since a child... Editing became a passion as a college student... Little did I know, author would be one of my titles. Being an author of four personal books, a co-author in four anthology projects, and book coach for two has definitely given me some great insight to now help you write your own book(s) or compile your own anthology project. 


I'd love to help bring your first or next book project to fruition. Your audience awaits!

Ready to Get Published
Stones of Meaning

Life, Success, & Empowerment Coaching


We all know life has its ups and downs... We all have moments where we reach a plateau and need help moving forward. When I lost my dream job as a college instructor, I had absolutely NO idea what was next... and for me the greatest lesson was 'perspective'. Whether you're stuck personally or professionally, I help you catapult into your next... And guess what? It's all about PERSPECTIVE! 


Spiritual Mindset Coaching

We can have all the success and accolades in the world, yet still feel like we're missing out on something. Unapologetically spiritual, my goal as your SMC is to help you overcome and rise above certain beliefs that have not worked in your favor. Sometimes we take on other people's identity for us and forget the identity granted by our Creator. 

If you're ready for something more spiritual, more divine, I look forward to speaking with you sooner, than later... There's more to your life than you may realize. 

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"Accelerate Me"

Not interested in a month-to-month plan, this 2-hour plan is perfect to get right to the point. 


Kocysha LaShaun is an intense listener. She listens and then asks intense questions. As an entrepreneur and abstract thinker, my conversations with her helps me find balance of thought and simplicity in execution. I highly recommend her consulting and coaching services.

Cory L Walker, CEO of Pinnacle Solutions Group, LLC