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"There is a key to life that Kocysha LaShaun (Koko) wrote in her book, "Humbled by His Grace"...

"In so many ways, our works are simply an outward expression of our faith (nothing forced or done out of obligation, but out of reverence to His sovereignty)."

Imagine for a in purpose, on purpose and doing that from such a position of offering value bc' so much value is given to you.

~Kris Whitehead, Author of Becoming Iconic~

Humbled by His Grace is Kocysha's very first book, penned during the first year of a three-year unemployment period. It shares many personal moments centered around trusting God and remembering the basics of building a relationship with him. 

This is a good book for new believers who also struggle with trusting God in the face of life's ups and downs. It's a book penned to inspire, encourage, and empower others to acknowledge the beauty of God's essence while denouncing the power of the enemy.

"This is a great read for daily inspiration and spiritual guidance when dealing with life itself. It's a quick read with powerful messages. Topics address internal struggles that often go unspoken."

~Amazon Review~

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"I LOVED IT! This book is very personal to me... but relative to anyone with a pulse! I read it this morning and couldn't put it down until I finished. 

Kocysha, This book has helped me expand my thinking and believing God... I received life changing information and confirmation and deliverance, not necessarily in that order, but Yes! Your "story" helped bring much needed awareness to me."

~Mario Reynolds, Mr. LLOP~

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Kocysha LaShaun is the founder of Be Accelerated into Purpose, LLC. As a Writing Coach, Editor, and Self-Publishing Consultant, she helps other individuals produce their written legacy. She is also the overseer of Humbled by His Grace MENistries, a teaching/coaching ministry established to help men with personal/spiritual growth and development. 

As an Author, Kocysha is passionate about helping individuals know and understand the depth of God's love and grace so they can move with more confidence in their purpose walk. 

For more info on her services and available books please click HERE


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