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Have You Been Waiting to Tell Your Story?



In the month of November, I know at LEAST 30 women announced a new book as the visionary, author, or co-author. 

On November 19th, I saw only one post acknowledging

International Men's Day (not including my own). 

Be honest! Did you even know there was such a day?


MEN, it's YOUR time!

I am looking for 12 men to become 12 authors to share 12 stories of

Victory, Triumph, and Conquered Battles. 

What have you overcome in life that will help the next Man, Brother, Father or Leader?

I imagine you've experienced some tough situations in life and felt like you were being punished, getting the short end of the stick, felt overlooked, unwanted, rejected, unappreciated and so much more...

But what if your struggles, your burdens, your pain, and past addictions were endured and conquered for such a time as this?

You're INVITED to participate in the 1st

 #IAmMBK Anthology Project

Such a time as this... When life is more unpredictable than ever,

Your chapter, Your story, Your message, Your testimony,

Your words of wisdom

will become part of history, a written legacy for many other men seeking

answers, advice and/or accountability.

Your boldness to speak out will become the catalyst for others to come to the forefront! 

Not only will you become an Author with the opportunity to speak, coach, mentor others, and give back, but you'll also help bring more awareness to International Men's Day - a holiday established to recognize, promote, and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of ordinary men making extraordinary impact. 

What does it take to become an #IAmMBK Author?

While there is an investment, you don't need a degree, a certain title or position...

You don't even have to have written before...

All you need to do first is 

submit a (5) five minute video sharing

(1) Your victory story and (2) Why you want to be a part of this project.

Submit to: | Subject heading: #IAmMBK AP Video Submission

Your submission will be reviewed by a selection committee.

All applicants will receive notification of status.


Kocysha LaShaun is the author of two books and co-author in three anthologies of which two she also served as Writing Coach and Editor. She's also a Spiritual Mindset Coach helping both men  reclaim their God-given identity and regain proper footing so they can move forward with Confidence, Power, and Humility.

Kocysha is no stranger to working with men, having assisted with the U.N.I.T.Y. Gang Prevention program while working at the Tucker Maximum Security Unit. She's also a former College Instructor and has helped several men professionalize their services as Preachers, Coaches, Speakers, and Business Professionals. 


Kocysha has been given a special calling to empower, uplift and help men return to their position of greatness! Her first assignment included hosting the "Dinner with the 12" event last year, awarding 12 men with the #IAmMBK (I Am My Brother's Keeper) Man of Greatness Award. This award acknowledged their contributions at home and in the community. She has been charged with an assignment of expansion that now involves a writing platform For Men By Men.

Meet the Visionary, Kocysha LaShaun

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