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Welcome!!! I am glad to make your acquaintance. Thanks for taking a moment to check out the brains behind Be Accelerated into Purpose, LLC and the heart behind Humbled by His Grace Ministries. At the core I'm a Teacher, Encourager, and Giver on assignment to accelerate your purpose walk. 

If I may be transparent, it's taken a few years to accept this assignment, or calling if you will. But when you feel a constant tug in a particular area, at some point you have to acknowledge it, step out on faith and yield to obedience. 

Like many of you, although, yes, I'm a woman... I, too, have a past. I, too, have said, done, and participated in some very un-Godly things. I've been taken advantage of, misunderstood, rejected, and discarded like trash. I, too, have been labeled and often identified by my past...

But what I also know is that we serve a loving, gracious God who believes in not only giving his best to the underdogs, to the ones everyone turns their back on... he also works it All out together for the good of those who love him. 

While many others often sit back and judge, bash, and look down on your journey, I've chosen and been called to uplift, encourage and empower you to rise above what everyone else says or thinks and help you refocus on what God says about who you are, why you're here, and how you are to lead and represent Him.

Because I believe wholeheartedly that #IAmMyBrothersKeeper, hopefully, you will say yes to God, step out on faith, and also yield to obedience. 

The Next Chapter of Your Life will bring more rewards, blessings, and revelations than you ever imagined. I KNOW because I'm Living it. 

Now it's time for You to Know and Live it Also. 

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Certified Mindset Coach

Vino & Vision Associate Coach w/DGCC


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