Who is Kocysha LaShaun?

Welcome!!! I am glad to make your acquaintance. Thanks for taking a moment to check out the brains behind Be Accelerated into Purpose, LLC and the heart behind Humbled by His Grace Ministries. 


At the core I'm a Teacher, Encourager, and Giver on assignment to accelerate your purpose walk. 

You will find that in spite of my introvert, down-to-earth, and unapologetically spiritual personality, I tend to be no-nonsense and very results-oriented when it comes to helping you move forward. 

Having worked in health care, corrections, and higher education with 15+ years of church service, I am no stranger to putting in the work. However, what I believe separates me from most is my willingness to go the extra mile for those I work with, my tenacity to get the job done efficiently and proficiently, and my boldness to go against the norm (so I've been told).


I don't mind going the long haul with those I work with or getting down in the trenches because it (1) Increases my knowledge of who You are, (2) Allows for immediate response/solutions to the little things that come up, and (3) It solidifies the comfort of knowing You're Not on this journey Alone!

The Next Chapter of Your Life will bring more rewards, blessings, and revelations than you ever imagined. I KNOW because I'm Living it. 

Now it's time for You to Know and Live it Also. 

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Licensed Minister/Teacher

Certified Spiritual Mindset Coach

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