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Meet Kocysha LaShaun, coach, teacher, and trainer.

Meet Kocysha LaShaun

FIVE words that literally changed the course of my life. 


In 2018, it was work, church, and home. Simply going through the motions with no real passion for anything. Still not quite myself after losing my parents in 2008 and 2009, losing my dream job as a college instructor in November 2012, losing my apartment and car soon after, and being unemployed until January 2016.

I know... several years in between, but there was one thing I drew relief from. Something no one knew about. My well kept secret from the age of 13 that morphed into a prison I could NOT break free from.

Not even with worship music in the background, or having just prayed for a breakthrough.

A secret truth I feared being revealed, so I hid in the background.

After the spiritual charge to "see self as God sees me", I finally had the nerve to pray, "Lord, have your way with me." But I was not quite ready for His response. 

He wanted me to tell my truth.

A truth that literally had me in tears. But who knew my truth would give birth to several self-published books, speaking engagements, podcast interviews... but more importantly, it was the catalyst to my reidentification. It wasn't an overnight process... learning to see myself as God sees me.

 saw myself as everything BUT his child, his creation, his daughter, his beloved, and definitely not the apple of his eye. But his hand was undoubtedly on me and one thing I always share with people is if you give him a chance, EVEN where you are, He will love you into His Righteousness.


I had to unlearn some things, establish new beliefs, and learn HOW to fight the enemy who I'd let set up camp in my mind with all kinds of self-sabotage.

As the Purpose Accelerator, I am here to push (move beyond or expand), provoke (call forth) and catapult (launch) you into your next level of divine greatness. 

Kocysha LaShaun, licensed minister, teacher, certified coach, and self-published author

At the core I'm a Teacher, Encourager, and Giver on assignment to help you realign mentally and spiritually.

You will find that in spite of my introvert, down-to-earth, and unapologetically spiritual personality, I tend to be no-nonsense and very results-oriented when it comes to helping you move forward. 

Having worked in health care, corrections, and higher education with 15+ years of church service, I am no stranger to putting in the work. However, what I believe separates me from most is my willingness to go the extra mile for those I work with.


I don't mind going the long haul or getting down in the trenches with you because it (1) Increases my knowledge of who You are, (2) Allows for immediate response/solutions to the little things that come up, and (3) It solidifies the comfort of knowing You're Not on this journey Alone!

Ready to build your relationship with God? Ready for His greater? Ready to walk out your purpose? Ready to share your story?

Licensed Minister/Teacher

Certified Life Coach

For more info on Koko's academic/professional background, click HERE.

Certified Life, Success, Empowerment Coach
Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator
Certified CB Life Coach
Certified REBT Mindset Life Coach
Certified Professional Workshop Facilitator
Certified Spiritual Life Coach
How can I help?
Book, Humbled by His Grace
Book, See Self as God Sees
Book, From the Heart of God to the Hearts of Men
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