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7-Day "See Self as God 

Sees" Challenge

The last eight months have been crazy, and many of us have been caught off guard emotionally, relationally, physically, financially, and spiritually. It's caused some emotions once dormant to resurface.

I can't help but wonder HOW are you seeing yourself now?

  • NOW that you're unemployed or laid off, who are you outside of your job title?

  • What's your purpose NOW that things have either slowed or closed down?

  • Maybe you're not feeling as confident NOW that you're not able to provide for your family as before. 

  • Temptations are more prevalent NOW with so much time on your hand?

  • Boredom has NOW sunk in and you've found yourself engaging in conversations/activities that you normally would not have or have fought to stay away from.

I KNOW!!! None of those questions are easy to answer!!!

Woman at Work

But if you would allow... For SEVEN (7) Days, I want to walk with you on this journey to recover by teaching you, encouraging you, coaching you and empowering you to 'See Yourself as God Sees' You! In spite of what it looks like... In spite of what you've relapsed into... In spite of how much weight you've gained.. In spite of what you're feeling...

You can STILL Move Forward!

What to Expect?

Day 1: Saved, Yet Bound

Raw, authentic acknowledgement, truth, and confessions. What's keeping you bound?

Day 2: From Grace to Grace

Accepting the redemption through and the sufficiency of God's grace.  

Day 3: From Faith to Faith

What it takes to level up spiritually.

Day 4: The Voice of Man

Who/What have you been listening to? Answering to?

Day 5: The Voice of God

Do you know His voice from man's voice? from the enemy's voice?

Day 6: No Longer Shall I...

Setting boundaries and perimeters based on identified and foreseeable triggers. 

Day 7: Moving Forward

Declare your action plan!


Kocysha LaShaun, Author of the book, "See Self as God Sees" will be your host for this 7-Day Challenge.  Kocysha is the type of leader who believes in taking the journey with you because questions arise as situations change. 

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