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This is where we determine short-term and long-term goals and if they are attainable, what resources are currently available and what additional resources are needed. It helps determine if you have the right people in place and if you are utilizing their best gifts/talents as well as if you have the right tools and systems in place, and how they can be improved (especially as a solopreneur). More importantly, what measures do you have in place to ensure that you are truly serving and positively impacting the lives of others?

Here is where we put into action everything discussed during the strategic planning phase. Adequate resources are provided to help individuals or teams; where necessary, people are shifted; roles/responsibilities are made clear, and systems are devised. With this clarity also comes support to help you and/or your team be efficient/proficient in daily tasks. This is truly the 'put-in-the-work' and grind phase where everyone actively participates. 

Now, let's discuss what worked, what didn't work. What type of resistance or hesitations were experienced? What can be improved or what needs to be completely removed? Find out how your team feels about the changes made, if they understand the vision, and are they still on board 100%. What are your thoughts and are you truly ready to see the hand of God take your ministry or platform to the next level?

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