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'See Self as God Sees'

VIP Makeover

You're a Business Professional seeking more than just strategic planning and action plans, you're seeking Implementation. You appreciate the information, but how do you make the information work for you? VIP for a Day (or Week) with Koko offers a challenging, intensive, yet truly rewarding experience to moving you in the right direction with the right momentum. 

Each VIP experience is unique to your specific needs that begins with an Intro Session:

  • What's the vibe or chemistry?

  • How is the communication? Do we speak the same language?

  • Is there mutual understanding/passion for your particular business?


Should we both agree to move forward, the next step would be to schedule a Power Session up to 3 hours that will involve an in-depth assessment of your business overall:

  • Mission, Purpose, Values

  • Brief history

  • Organizational structure

  • Available training/results of training

  • Rewards/incentives

  • Available resources and how many are utilized

  • And so much more depending on your line of work 


Based on the Assessment, we develop an action plan for Live Implementation. You choose what Day or Days you wish to put it all into action and together we make it happen.

Available Services May Include:

  • Follow-up live assessment

  • 1-on-1 mini-sessions with staff (10-15 minutes)

  • Departmental training

  • Office and/or Desk organization

  • Basic admin assistance (copy typing, revising manuals, SOPs, etc.)

1/2-Day VIP Service

4 hours | 60-minute Eval Session

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1-Day VIP Service

8 hours/includes 1-hour lunch | 60-minute Eval Session

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Organization Development  Consulting

3-Day VIP Service

6 hours/day w/30-minute lunch | 90-minute Eval Session (phone or video chat)

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5-Day VIP Service

(6 hours per day w/30-minute lunch)

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