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7x Author | Inspirational Teacher/Speaker | Certified Coach | Radio Show Host/Podcaster

Life is full of its challenges that sometimes throw us off course. In those off-course moments, the enemy has a way of setting up shop in our minds and sometimes building an entire city that makes us question who we are, our existence, our purpose.

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I've been there... more than once... but the thing that finally shifted my mindset was the charge to "See Myself as God Sees Me". These six words became the catapult to my acceleration into purpose. 

That doesn't mean things began to happen suddenly. What it does mean is when I started the process of re-identifying myself, my perspective changed: how I saw certain things, people, and of course, myself.  

Let me help you think, see, and act differently, so you too, can 

Be Accelerated into Purpose!!!


Services Offered

Ready to Get Published

Services for individuals seeking to write their first or next book, as well as visionaries compiling anthology projects.

Group therapy

Service for individuals who want to be accelerated personally and professionally.

Stones of Meaning

Service for individuals who want to be accelerated spiritually for overall growth.

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In Kocysha LaShaun's writings, you can find transparency, vulnerability, and an undeniable passion to highlight the love and grace of God!

If you struggle with getting closer to God, if you struggle with people-pleasing tendencies, self-esteem issues, or addictive behaviors, these books will challenge you to be more self-aware, more self-loving, but more importantly, help you see God in a better light.

Kocysha LaShaun is the former host of From the Hearts of Men radio show/podcast, having interviewed 19 awesome men. 

However, after careful consideration, "helping people undo so God can do" is a calling and assignment she can't deny. A teacher at heart, this radio show/podcast takes her writing style to a new, virtual level for men and women to break free of mental strongholds so they can walk out their purpose with confidence, power, and humility.

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