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It's Time to "BE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND" with 8x Author, Christian Life Coach, and Book Coach-Consultant/Editor

Kocysha LaShaun

Whatever has been holding you back from fully showing up... Whatever you've gotten mixed up in...

However checkered your past OR present...

God STILL has use for you; no gifts are irrevocable!


to Humbled by His Grace Ministries (HbHGM), a safe space established to help you address and overcome the mental strongholds hindering your purpose walk.


HbHGM is overseen by Kocysha LaShaun (aka Koko) who offers a unique blend of coaching services for men and women who are ready for a lifestyle change, God's way, and/or ready to share their story as an author.  Koko leverages her professional expertise as a teacher of personal, spiritual growth and development with extensive experience in the book industry for the purpose of helping individuals transition into their next level of divine greatness. 

Meet Kocysha LaShaun, Spiritual Life Coach and Book Coach-Consultant

Connect with Koko:

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The enemy loves to set up camp in your mind to convince you that where you are is as far as you'll go, that what you're doing is all you'll ever do, and who you are now is all you'll ever be. 

It is not God's intention for you to live a life of complacency, stagnancy, frustration or defeat. But sometimes we only know what we know until we're introduced to something better, something greater.


I'm here to help you move with purpose according to God's word so you can move forward with confidence, power, and humility!!!

tired of just going through the motions... tired of just existing with no fulfillment... 

tired of living a mediocre life... tired of trying it your way...
tired of hiding behind guilt and shame...

I invite you to check out the services below that will help you:
Address Identity Issues | Achieve Personal Growth | Overcome Limiting Beliefs | Enhance Self-Awareness & Spiritual Growth
Cultivate Fulfilling Relationships
and more through a Christian lens INCLUDING
Book Writing & Becoming a Self-Published Author

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Writing Supplies

Christian Life Coaching

Book Coach-Consulting/Editing

You Should Know

"Kocysha LaShaun is an intense listener. She listens and then asks intense questions. As an entrepreneur and abstract thinker, my conversations with her helps me find balance of thought and simplicity in execution. I highly recommend her consulting and coaching services."

Cory L Walker, CEO of Pinnacle Solutions Group, LLC

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