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I'm Kocysha LaShaun,

the Purpose Accelerator

here to Push, Provoke, and Catapult you into

your next level of Divine Greatness.


May you not only see life through a different lens, but also be willing to take the necessary steps to actually experience it -

God's Way!

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On the Train

Have you often made decisions based on your need to fit in, to be seen or heard? Do you often find yourself doing things because of people-pleasing tendencies, not wanting to rock the boat, so to speak...

Only to realize sooner or later that your choices hurt you more than they help you. 

If you're a man or woman 40+ years of age, ready to break free of the mental strongholds that have created chaos and confusion around your purpose walk, you've come to the right place for breakthrough.

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I know what it's like to feel hidden, so you think connecting with certain people, attending certain networking functions, taking on certain responsibilities will be the key to your happiness or success.  

I also know what it's like to pursue these connections only to realize they're not your assignment NOR do they complement your purpose.

NOW you have to back out. NOW you have to endure another loss relationally and/or financially, not to mention the time invested. 

I don't know about you, but "we're not getting any younger". We don't have time to waste on frivolous relationships, projects, or collaborations that MAY be good, but are not God's good for us. 

It's Time to See Yourself as God Sees You!!!

Certain familial/traditional thinking patterns, beliefs, and personal experiences had me thinking I had to be a perfectionist, that I had to be in control, or do things a certain way. Do you know how stressful that is: trying to be what other people think, want, or say you should be or do. Or wanting to be who you THINK people want you to be.

Whew!!! It's not fun. NOT seeing yourself as God sees you causes one to be out of alignment and compromised. Then you're left wondering, 'How did I get into this?' 'How do I get out of this?'

In case you didn't know, You have permission to break free, to just be who God says you are, however different that looks to man...

When I allowed God to change my perspective on some things, I began to experience acceleration in my purpose walk. My assignment is to help you reset spiritually and mentally so, you too, can


Services Offered

Ready to Get Published

Book Coach-Consulting

Services for individuals seeking to write their first or next non-fiction book to inspire, encourage, uplift and evoke action.

Stones of Meaning

Spiritual Mindset Coaching

Service for individuals seeking a spiritual and mental reset for a closer relationship with God and accelerated purpose walk.

Online Conference

Online Courses &

Teaching Sessions

Join Kocysha for free and paid courses focused on writing and spiritual maturity. 

Literary Works

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Heart - Mockup.png

In Kocysha LaShaun's writings, you can find transparency, vulnerability, and an undeniable passion to highlight the love and grace of God!

If you struggle with getting closer to God, if you struggle with people-pleasing tendencies, self-esteem issues, or addictive behaviors, these books will challenge you to be more self-aware, more self-loving, but more importantly, help you see God in a better light.

Weekly Radio Show/Podcast

Kocysha LaShaun is the former host of From the Hearts of Men radio show/podcast, having interviewed 19 awesome men. 

However, "helping people undo so God can do" is a calling and assignment she can't deny. A teacher at heart, this radio show/podcast takes her writing style to a new, virtual level for men and women to break free of mental strongholds so they can walk out their purpose with confidence, power, and humility.

Available on: 

Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | PocketCasts | Listen Notes | Spotify | Amazon Music | TuneIn | Deezer | Podchaser | iHeart Radio 

MBwK show flyer.png

Humbled by His Grace Ministries

Outreach ministry serving men and women with the love and grace of God through monthly feedings, teaching sessions, and other services as needed. 

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