Your Next Chapter Awaits You...

No More Settling!

No More Waiting! No More Compromising!

No More Being Bound to Your Past!

"As a Kingdom Man... your purpose is much higher than merely your own and impacts a sphere much wider than you may ever know... there is more to you than you may have even realized." 

~Tony Evans, Kingdom Man~

You NO LONGER have to remain stagnant or stuck, unsure of your next. 

You NO LONGER have to wonder how to do this, how to do that in your relationships, business or ministry. 

You NO LONGER have to wonder why you're here, what's your purpose, or even how to be a better man, father, husband, or leader!

You NO LONGER have to pretend in public while suffering behind closed doors. 

It's time You were introduced to

Kocysha LaShaun

the Purpose Accelerator

WELCOME! I'm Kocysha LaShaun, the 'Purpose Accelerator'. My assignment is to push, provoke, and catapult you into your next level of divine greatness. 

You will find that in spite of my introvert, down-to-earth, and unapologetically spiritual personality, I tend to be no-nonsense and very results-oriented when it comes to helping you move forward. 

Having worked in health care, corrections, and higher education with 15+ years of church service, I am no stranger to putting in the work. However, what I believe separates me from most is my willingness to go the extra mile for those I work with, my tenacity to get the job done efficiently and proficiently, and my boldness to go against the norm (so I've been told).


I don't mind going the long haul with you or getting down in the trenches because it (1) Increases my knowledge of who You are, (2) Allows for immediate response/solutions to the little things that come up, and (3) It solidifies the comfort of knowing You're Not on this journey Alone!

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Whether you're seeking spiritual growth and development to be a better Man, Father, Husband, or Leader... whether you're seeking to make next level moves in your business or ministry... wanting to write your first or second book... you're in the right place.


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In spite of how society has distorted and dictated your purpose, your mission, your reason for existence with temporary trends, un-Godly standards, and unrealistic expectations, You're still a Kingdom Man created and anointed to make a difference that will affect generations to come.


Some of you have become overwhelmed! You feel defeated and maybe even useless. Some of you have retreated, grown numb & become nonchalant! As if that weren't enough. many times you've thought or wondered that surely there's more to your life, more to your relationships, more to your business, more to your ministry than what you've experienced.

There IS! 

My mission is to help you not only see life through a different lens, but also help you take the necessary steps to actually experience it - God's Way!

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