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Kocysha LaShaun

Kocysha LaShaun (aka Koko) is happy to serve you as a Christian Life Coach and Book Coach-Consultant/Editor.

She is a Teacher, Encourager, and Giver at heart most known for her capacity to be results-oriented, organized and willing to go above and beyond for those she is blessed to work with. 

She is a certified Life, Success, and Empowerment Coach with additional certifications in the areas of CBT, REBT, and Spiritual. She is also certified as a Relationship and Professional Workshop Facilitator.

Kocysha has a Bachelors in Criminal Justice Administration and a Masters in Forensic Psychology with ten years in healthcare, three in corrections, two in higher education, and eight years in legal services. 

As a Christian Life Coach, she enjoys inspiring, encouraging, and empowering others to overcome the limiting beliefs and mental strongholds that hinder their purpose walk. 

As an 8x Author and Book Coach-Consultant/Editor, Kocysha’s goal is to share her personal, professional, and academic expertise gained over the years with other aspiring/seasoned Christian Authors. 

She looks forward to being "the Purpose Accelerator" you need to help you walk in purpose with confidence, power, and humility.

Our Mission

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Humbled by His Grace Ministries seeks to create a safe place for individuals to reclaim their God-given identity and regain proper positioning in order to move forward as better men/women leaders in the home, workplace, church, and community.

Coaching Certifications

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